I love the Tarot. I've been reading the cards for over 30 thirty years. When I take out my deck, I feel a sense of mystic knowing and mystery coming from them and the reading to come.

Even more, I feel that connection to my Romani grandmother and all the women who went before, the women that spent their lives in the back of caravans and dusty little shops, reading the cards for the inquisitive and interested stranger.

As an artist, I started designing my own deck. I've only completed about 15 cards so far as it's a project that I feel can't be rushed. 

Featured as a wooden charm here is my interpretation of the Justice, an inch and half long and 3/4ths of an inch wide.

This is the necklace for the those moments when you feel your life is in balance. Doing the right thing is important you.

I've included a Goddess charm as well as a Tree of Life charm as in my search for enlightenment, paganism and Buddhism seem to meld seamlessly with the ancient wisdom of the Tarot.

The chain is crafted of Czech glass beads, interposed with antique silver fancy jump rings, 30 inches in length.

A necklace you'll reach for time and time again. Made with a love for all things mystical and magical, here at Victorian Minx.

Justice TAROT card Goddess tree of life antique silver CHARM Necklace

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