I love antiques. One of my favorite past times is wandering through flea markets and antique shops just looking and admiring.

I love the feeling of history, the sense that everything has a story, maybe even a piece of soul.

When I take out my beads and my wire, I feel like I'm channeling that spiritual energy, tracing back a connection through the generations.

My Romani grandmother was brought up Catholic but she left all that behind when she met my grandfather during the war. She was working as a shop girl at Bloomingdales and he was a tall, handsome, golden haired young man in uniform. As the tale was told to me, they were both instantly smitten.

It was a time when emotions were running high and tense. Courtship was swift. Love must be pursued because every second counts.

I've always loved the look of a beaded Rosary although I know I wasn't brought up in that faith so I took that idea and beaded it precisely the way a traditional Rosary is beaded.

I used beautiful czech glass beads and gunmetal wire.

I replaced the more traditional cross with a gunmetal heart locket, somewhere to put the image of the one you love. Remember, love should be savored, but it cannot be left too long on the vine!

Beaded chain is 24 inches long with an additional 4 inch beaded chain leading to the heart focal.

A necklace you'll reach for time and time again. Made with a love for all things magical and mystical, here at Victorian Minx.

Heart ROSARY LOCKET red boho steampunk NECKLACE

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