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Step into the enigmatic world of Furcas, the demon of boundless knowledge, as he emerges in the vibrant streets of New Orleans. In this captivating digital artwork, Furcas takes the form of a wise old man, adorned with a long white beard, mounted atop a magnificent white horse. The atmosphere crackles with an electrifying fusion of mysticism and urban energy.


As Furcas rides through the bustling streets of the Big Easy, his piercing gaze invites viewers to embrace the allure of forbidden wisdom. The rich tapestry of New Orleans serves as a backdrop, with its colorful architecture, lively jazz notes, and hidden secrets waiting to be unveiled.


This thought-provoking artwork captures the essence of Furcas, the embodiment of knowledge's seductive power. With intricate details and a masterful blend of digital artistry, this piece invites you to explore the fine line between enlightenment and the insidious nature of greed.

Furcas, Demon of Knowledge

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