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I walked through a local park with my son last week and noticed near the edge of the park, two large trees had been cut down. The trunks looked healthy but I am not an expert on such things.


Still, it made me sad. I know I've a friend that's recently lost a lot of neighboring trees to a new development. I've another friend that told me he can hear the trees talking.


As we walked back through the park, I thought more on the trees and my thoughts wandered to other friends that have talked about their connections to their ancestors and how they've felt their ancestors working through them and for them. They feel that spiritual tie.


Two of my great grandfathers were lumbermen. They cut down innumerable trees in the name of supporting their families. What does that say about my ancestral ties and my ancestral debt?


Ancient myth ties a dryad to every tree, a deep and loving connection between the two. What happens when a tree is lost? Either by design or by illness?


I imagine she wanders the woods, broken hearted and inconsolable.

Dryad in Mourning aka Witch Goddess in the Woods

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