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In the Victorian language of flowers, the Daffodil means "Unequaled love". 


This Surreal Floral Lady was created as part of my Bloom Where You're Planted Oracle series.


Humans love, often well but not wisely. We may love our parents, our siblings, our friends, our children and our lovers. Love can vary in time and intensity, but the greatest love should be for the most important person in our lives. The love of self should be the greatest of your life.


You must live with yourself for the whole of your life. Learn to love yourself. Work toward that goal of self love in a series of steps.


Admit that you aren't so bad. Find those qualities about yourself that others have commented on. Build on that. Shift gradually from potential self-loathing, toward neutrality, toward self-liking, and finally to true self-love. Remember that you are worthy of love. You have always been more than enough.


DAFFODIL floral Goddess aka Surreal Human Flower Woman

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