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In the Victorian language of flowers, the Carnation means "Refusal."


This surreal Flower Lady was created as part of my Bloom Where you're Planted Oracle Deck.


You always have the right to say no. When you have people pleasing tendencies, as so many of us do, it takes a real effort of will to say no when someone asks for a favor.


Establish boundaries. Insist on enforcing those boundaries. If someone attempts to push on those boundaries or manipulate you into saying yes after you've established those boundaries, consider whether you need someone that toxic or manipulative in your life.


You deserve full personal autonomy. Say no often and with authority.


It may be difficult at first, but the more you say no, the easier it will become. The only person whose good opinion you truly need is your own.


CARNATION floral Goddess aka Surreal Human Flower Woman

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