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In the Victorian language of flowers, the Calla Lily meant "Beauty".


This lovely floral lady was created as part of my Bloom Where You're Planted Oracle Series.


The beautiful calla lily featured prominently in many of the artworks of Diego Rivera as well as Georgia O'Keeffe. For the Victorians, the gifting of this lily was borderline risque as the flower reputedly strongly resembles female genitalia.


Sometimes when we meet someone, the attraction is instantaneous. Your eyes literally meet across a crowded room and you feel that crazy heat of longing.


Love like that burns hot and fast; an intoxicating infatuation of the senses. Transitioning to something deeper and more long lasting will take effort and careful consideration.


We can be strongly attracted to someone that we have very little in common with. Attraction does not necessarily equate to compatible or long term partnerships.


Sometimes the best thing we can do is let go of our expectations and just enjoy the journey.

Calla Lily floral Goddess aka Surreal Human Flower Woman

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