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The Bloom Where You're Planted Oracle Deck is a beautifully illustrated deck of 48 cards, each featuring a unique flower goddess inspired by the language of flowers, or floriography.


These goddesses represent different aspects of nature and offer guidance and insight on life's journey. Each card is adorned with delicate and intricate floral designs, along with a powerful message and affirmations to help you navigate through life's challenges.


This oracle deck draws on the ancient tradition of floriography, which assigns meanings to different flowers and allows the user to communicate their thoughts and emotions through the language of flowers. The Bloom Where You're Planted Oracle Deck is a perfect tool for self-reflection, meditation, and divination, and is a wonderful addition to any collection of spiritual tools.


Whether you're a seasoned oracle card reader or a beginner looking for inspiration and guidance, this deck is sure to resonate with you and help you bloom where you're planted.


My 48-card deck of the Bloom Where You're Planted Oracle Deck.


Cards are 2.75" by 4.75" 


Designed and created by me :) 


The deck comes with a downloadable user guide.


Although flowers have possessed significance for centuries, it was only during the Victorian Era that the gift of a bouquet of flowers began to gain specific meaning. The gifting of flowers increased in popularity as people realized that they'd found an ingenious method of sending subtle messages to others. The Victorians began to create booklets (known as floriography dictionaries) listing these special floral meanings. 


I've entwined the language of floriography with the imagery of surreal Flower Goddesses, creating a fresh original spin on this beautiful botanical language.


Flowers draw the eye - the brilliant colors contrasted with the lush green of leaves and foliage. We love flowers. They call to us on a physical level, appealing to our senses of sight and smell; inviting us to touch and explore.


They speak to us with their roots deeply buried in the soil. They belong. They possess connection and meaning.


On my life's journey, I have felt disconnected. I've felt as if I have no roots.


We don't feel connected to the land we're living on. We feel as if we don't belong but on a deep, essential level I want to feel that connection. I want to feel as if I belong here and not as if I drifted in like a weed, unwanted and unloved.


After much thought, meditation, and soul searching, I began to realize that we craft our own meaning. If we want roots, we need to help them grow. We need to bloom where we are planted.


With the Tarot and with oracle decks, we can create stories. We find meaning in our lives and in our relationships. We can find meaning. This is our time. This is our place. Meaning will not come knocking on my door. We need to go out and find it.


We need to create our own stories. We need to make our own magic. We need to Bloom Where we are Planted.

Bloom Where You're Planted Oracle Deck

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