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Baraqiel is a figure who has captured the imagination of many throughout history, with his association with lightning and rebellion making him a popular subject in various religious and mythological traditions. To truly understand the significance of Baraqiel, it is important to explore the various interpretations and beliefs surrounding this enigmatic figure.


One of the most commonly cited beliefs about Baraqiel is that he was one of the Watchers, a group of angels who were sent to Earth to watch over humans but instead fell from grace by teaching forbidden knowledge and engaging in sinful acts. According to some traditions, Baraqiel was responsible for teaching humans the art of divination, which was considered a sin in many religious circles. This association with divination and forbidden knowledge is a recurring theme in many depictions of Baraqiel, highlighting the idea that he represents the danger of seeking knowledge beyond what is deemed acceptable.


Baraqiel is also commonly known as the "Lightning Angel" due to his connection with lightning and the power it represents. Lightning is often seen as a symbol of sudden and transformative change, and Baraqiel's association with this element underscores his role as a bringer of change and transformation. In some traditions, he is depicted as wielding bolts of lightning as a weapon, emphasizing his immense power and strength.

Baraqiel, the Watcher Angel of Lightning

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