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Are you desperate for wealth? Are you willing to rule the dice and summon a spirit of the earth, like Assalbi? Just remember that while he does know the location of all the riches beneath the surface of the earth, he doesn't often share that information.


He prefers to mislead and misdirect. Assalbi possesses all the knowledge of what has been and what will be. Trying to trick him might prove more than you can handle.


Summon him cautiously. Treat him with respect and deference. If you praise your request properly or offer him something that he might want, perhaps he will help you. Or, perhaps, he'll use his power to misdirect and confuse and make your life even more difficult than it is right now.


So, if you decide to summon the Spirit of Earth, the mighty and clever Assalbi, be prepared for how much worse everything could become.


Perhaps I should look in the world between and betwixt and is there anyplace more likely than the land that is New Orleans? Have you seen a Fallen Angel? Have you?


I know I should be afraid but somehow I'm not. I just want and need to say hello.


What are you searching for? Do you need to go deeper?


When Assalbi appears in the reading, it promises knowledge, possibly knowledge that you have been afraid to acknowledge.


When we deal with matters of earth, we often find ourselves excavating layers of self, uncovering secrets. They could be ours, but they can just as easily be secrets that others have been keeping from us.


Sometimes it's easier not to see. To look but refuse to acknowledge what is in front of our eyes. When Assalbi appears to you, the time to hide is over. Refusing to see our own truths is hurting us more than it is helping.


Spend some time with yourself. Go deeper. Go within. Take an honest look at your life and your relationships. Now is the time for truth.


Victorian art demon fallen angel gentleman fashion portrait photograph altered Cypress Grove Cemetery new orleans

Assalbi the Fallen in New Orleans in Cypress Grove Cemetery

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