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The Animal Spirits of the Apocalypse Oracle Deck is a unique and captivating deck of 38 cards, each featuring a different spirit animal inspired by the tradition of spirit animals in myth and culture.


This deck takes a playful and irreverent approach to the concept of the apocalypse, using sly humor and cheeky illustrations to explore the darker aspects of human nature and offer guidance for navigating difficult times.


Each card is beautifully illustrated with vibrant colors and intricate designs and features a powerful message and affirmations to help you connect with your animal spirit and find your way through challenging situations.


Whether you're seeking clarity, guidance, or just a bit of lighthearted humor, the Animal Spirits of the Apocalypse Oracle Deck is a powerful tool for personal growth and transformation. Whether you're a seasoned oracle card reader or a beginner looking for a new and inspiring deck, this deck is sure to resonate with you and help you tap into the wisdom and power of the animal kingdom.


My 38-card deck of the Animal Spirits of the Apocalypse Oracle Deck.

Cards are 3.5 inches long x 2.25 inches wide. 


Designed and created by me :) 


The deck comes with a downloadable 100-page user guide.


What does it all mean?


One of the most exciting aspects of creating an Oracle deck is its complete blank slate. I am starting fresh but also tapping into the long tradition of spirit animals and shamanism that have their roots in most ancient tribal societies, including the Celtic history that I find myself most drawn to.


Four Suits: The Spiky, the Dead, the Visionary, and the Tentacled


Nine cards in each suit PLUS two joker cards: The Sanitizer and The TP.


As I said, playful point of view, but even in play, we can tap into a more profound truth.

Animal Spirits of the Apocalypse Oracle Deck

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