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In the Victorian language of flowers, the Anemone meant "Forgotten Love".


This lovely floral lady was created as part of my Bloom Where You're Planted Oracle Series.


When you live forever, as do the gods, life can seem long. The best we can do is to live in the moment. Tomorrow, for us, is not a promise. For the gods, tomorrow is inevitable.


The goddess Aphrodite fell in love with the mortal man Adonis. The other gods, jealous of Aphrodite's affections, sent a wild boar to gore and kill Adonis. Where Aphrodite's tears mixed with the blood of her lost love, grew the anemone.


For while Aphrodite loved Adonis with all her immortal heart, her life is long and the spring brings the promise of fresh love.


Yes, you will love, and yes, you will lose love, but in time that love will fade and spring will bring with it new life and new potential.


Mourn as you must, but pain does fade with the passage of time. You will love again.

Anemone floral Goddess aka Surreal Human Flower Woman

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