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Why the Side Hustle? Or, Was your Cat Royalty in a Past Life?

I try to stay positive, optimistic, and hopeful. Time and again, I've been willing to believe that the worst is behind us, but time and again, I've had the rug pulled out from under me. New variations. New spikes. My markets and festivals have been canceled. I've watched my livelihood dry up and fly away. I've spent sleepless nights. I've struggled with anxiety and uncertainty.

Nevertheless, I remain hopeful once again, but I am accepting that I may need the proverbial side hustle. I had a marketing coach tell me to keep my focus on one thing. I was told that I needed to stay on brand. I was specifically told that custom pet portraits don't really fit my fairy tale themed artwork, but I'm going to do it anyway.

I respect the opinion of my marketing coach enough to set up the custom pet portraits off my main website. I've created an Etsy shop and an Instagram account specifically for the custom pet portraits.

I am willing to believe that the festivals and the markets will happen. I am willing to believe that we can continue to function as a society, but I accept that things don't always go exactly the way that we want them so I will side hustle.

I know that many of my artist friends weren't able to stay artists in the new normal. Many of my artist friends dropped out of the local markets and festivals. They decided to start down new paths. I respect that sometimes we need to change our focus and our career path, but I miss them.

I want to stay on this path so I am expanding my horizons and keeping my eyes open. Art is art and I love the act of creation so I'm embracing my new side hustle and hope that if a custom pet portrait appeals to you, maybe check it out.

I appreciate your support through these difficult years and for sticking with me even when it feels like the world is coming apart at the edges. We will get through this. I believe in you and I am grateful that you've continued to believe in me.

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