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Where Do We Go From Here

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

As I stand on what feels like very uneven ground, I want to try to find some sort of equilibrium. I successfully finished and funded my Oracle deck and I am nearing the close of my two year long journey of completing my New Orleans Tarot Cats Deck, but even as i make progress, the world still feels like it's in the midst of Tower time.

The Corona Virus cases are going up and up and up with very little being done to control the spread. I've begun to fear that no markets or festivals will be able to take place this year. I'm sort of stuck in a holding pattern until we have a vaccine.

So, what do I do? The Page of Cups promises us that no matter the circumstances, new creative energy is hovering on the edges of my mind. I have ideas. I have the glimmer of new plans.

A "Bloom Where You're Planted" Flower Oracle deck. Maybe a New Orleans Cemetery Tarot deck. I've gone done the rabbit hole of creative projects and I find that I like it. There are many things I want to try; many things I want to experiment with, but I need to find a way to shoehorn them into my schedule.

I recently left my studio space at the Secret Underground Laboratory (wonderful space, wonderful people), but I have studio space located in a new building right behind the house and it is so lovely to have everything organized and right at my fingertips again. Where to begin?

So, I find myself in a strange place this week. I finished moving and have everything sort of roughly arranged in the studio space. I have ideas that I want to explore, but I haven't started working on any sort of schedule or road map. I'm still floating in my creative egg.

Over the rest of the week, I need to create order in my schedule; plan out how much time to allot to all the things I want to do and accomplish even though it feels like the world outside is spiraling further and further into madness with no one attempting to apply the brakes.

I will work to find sanctuary at home and to find peace and equilibrium in my creative work. New paths and possibilities are shimmering on the horizon. I just need to navigate my way carefully even as the Tower continues its slow descent.

Mad love to you all. Good vibes and a better week.

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