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Weird is My Vibe

As a festival artist, I get around. I see a lot of different art in a lot of different styles. I've noticed over the years that "Word Art" or "Sign Art" tends to be very popular.

At art events, I've seen a lot of the "Life Laugh Love" or "When You're Here, You're Family" type pieces. I've noticed the art that people hang on their walls which contains a single inspirational word like "Freedom" or "Brave" or "Create". People like words. It's a simple concept that we can grasp and which can inspire us.

I know that I don't really work a lot in this style, but after watching a large number of these "Word Art" pieces walk by my booth, I wondered that if I did decide to create this kind of work, what would my pieces say?

This is what swam into my brain.

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