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We did it!

I'd forgotten how grueling and stressful a crowdfunding campaign could be. I think I blocked that part out and replaced it with the happier memory of unboxing the decks of cards.

It was thirty long days, worrying and hoping that we would hit the goal, but it's done, closed, and funded. As soon as the funds are transferred to my account, I can begin the process of ordering the decks and waiting for the long weeks until they arrive at my door.

The last few weeks of May have been a time of things ending, moving toward a period of quiet, where I can plan my next projects during the less eventful months of summer.

My last weekend festival, Bayou Boogaloo, ended damply with many hours of drying out tent and display items. Fortunately, all my work made it out safe and dry.

On Thursday, the Bloom Where You're Planted Oracle Deck Kickstarter campaign came to a successful conclusion. I learned a lot during the process and feel a little more confident about maybe trying this again in a year or so when I've finished another long-term project.

Friday morning, I successfully earned my Professional Meta Social Marketing Certificate. Again, I learned a lot and am ready to completely overhaul my whole social media approach. I know that I really need to build up a bigger following if I want to find real success in online sales. It was unexpectedly stressful but pushing on my boundaries is good for me.

In the aftermath of endings, I can plan new things. I'm tinkering with the idea of a children's book: Long ago, there lived a young girl in a small town that grew ever smaller. She lived with her grandmother in this small town, running a small inn.

Even as the town shrank, more and more people would stop at the inn, a restful pause on their long journey toward a lonely mountain.

On the mountain lived a solitary figure, a wise old woman whom it was said could tell you the meaning and the purpose of your life.

This is what I've brainstormed so far. I've checked out an armful of children's books from the library trying to get a feel for what books in that age range sound like. (I may have been waylaid by a librarian and found myself signing up for the summer reading program.)

My other anticipated project is the New Orleans Fallen Angel Oracle Deck.

A friend of mine once characterized ancient myths as being fanfiction of their time. I really liked that explanation. Myths evolve and grow.

As I've made my peace with blooming where I am planted, I am accepting that I can create my own stories. Myths are ours to evolve in new and interesting ways. The ancestors wrote fanfiction and so can I.

So, I am pausing for breath before I jump back into creative mode, but there is something about starting new. The snow is fresh and untouched, just waiting for me to make my mark.

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