• Loveday Funck

"Vincent Van Gogh and the Lost Chicken" has Landed!!

They're here! All 100 copies have arrived and they are in fantastic condition!

I am so pleased and excited. Remembering my previous experience when two-thirds of my last book arrived with a lot of printer damage, I was a little concerned.

So I went through all the copies of the book and I didn't find any printing damage at all. I am pleased that perhaps my initial box of "Genevieve's Adventure" was just a bit of bad luck and poor quality control at the printing press.

I love "Genevieve's Adventure" too, of course, but I'm happy to be playing in Vincent's sandbox for a little while.

I have the books if you want to order one, but I will also have them at the Louisiana Book Festival by the Capitol on October 29th and I will have them at all my fall markets for the remainder of 2022.

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