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Focusing your Energy and Making a Plan

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

Everything seems to be in a state of flux. My energies go everywhere. I have half-finished projects and piles of plans with not much actually achieved. My interests feel scattered and unfocused.

Any other time, I would sit myself down and insist that I make a plan and focus on just one thing. When it's finished, then I can move on to the next. Or, at least, I need a planned out strategy for my project so I can work on it in a rational and timely fashion.

As of March, none of that is happening and I think that is more then ok. If I want to make TikTok videos, then I make a TikTok Video. If I want to a Tarot reading for my YouTube channel, then I set up my camera and do a reading. I have watercolor projects and drawing projects scattered around like confetti. I have frames painted. I have a graveyard shrine started. I've started tinkering with a new Oracle deck. I have all the projects in the works.

Nothing is finished. Nothing keeps my attention for very long. I am chasing one shiny after another and I am ok with that. I think scattered energies and alternating passions are a rational response to a world that doesn't know where it is going or what it is doing.

When the world figures out what it wants, when it calms down and stops throwing murder hornets and zombie ants at me, then I too will calm down and pick a lane.

Until then, I will change lanes even more often than the news changes disasters. Just keep your head above water, keep passion in your heart, and we will meet for a soothing cup of tea on the other side.

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