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The Reviews are IN: Creepy and Creepy

Updated: May 10, 2022

When we put ourselves out into a public forum, we risk everything: whether it's selling our artwork at an art market, creating an oracle deck that we are trying to fund on Kickstarter, or hanging our work at an exhibition.

I've got a lot of my art hanging at a local restaurant, La Divina Italian Cafe. (Please go by and check it out if you're in the area. The food is awesome and the owners are incredibly supportive of the local creative community of artists and musicians.)

Someone was thinking about buying a piece of my artwork so they posted a photograph of two of the pieces on Facebook. The artist, me, wasn't tagged or referenced in the post, and some of the comments were (as shown above) less than kind (although some were super supportive and complimentary).

I know my work isn't for everyone and I know my personal motto is "Weird art for weird people," but it still stung a little, like the mean girls giggling about you when you entered the room.

I can't be too upset because the post did lead to a couple of sales which are always much appreciated, but it is a reminder that when we put ourselves out there, we are opening ourselves up to the stick and the stones; the mean words of the snide and the judgemental. Are they going to hurt? A little, but I've sat through some savage critique circles and if "creepy" is the worst they can throw, then I'm going to be more than ok.

Because I want to continue to support myself as an artist, I do need to take a moment to ask that you please check out my Kickstarter campaign: The Bloom Where You're Planted Oracle Deck.

I do understand that Kickstarter and Oracle decks aren't for everyone, so if you could throw a few bucks into my Facebook fundraiser for the deck that would also be deeply appreciated.

Being able to bring my year-long project to fruition makes all the difference in me being able to continue as a professional creative. Support from my community is what makes my life and my dream possible. Thank you for being there for me. Your support means the world.

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