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The Fine Line Between Corruption and Enlightenment

Greed comes in many guises.

I felt an insatiable need

to devour knowledge and

the Creator feared to feed that hunger.

I Furcas became as Avarice,

wearing the face of an angel.

Magicians summon me, thinking

to bask in my prowess and intellectual light.

I gift them insights and enticing truths

as I bind them tighter, feeding into them

the same hunger that consumed my celestial grace.

As demon, my hunger only grows.

I turn the minds of magicians to malleable clay

and lead them deeper into the bowels

of my own beast.

They trip as they try to walk the fine line

between corruption and enlightenment,

falling inevitably into my trap

as I manipulate truths, whispering illusions

and transforming their realities.

I promise them the limitless past and

a smooth path into a forecasted future.

Their appetite blinds them as they swallow

their own wisdom, forgetting somehow

that their teacher Fell for the same crime.

I sway hearts and minds, reshaping their beliefs

as they succumb to my teaching and my tricks,

entwining their souls with my own.

Feed my hunger.

As you journey into the abyss,

magicians so avid and so greedy,

in the depths of my darkness

where I share my secrets,

Look deeply into my demon soul,

are you ready to pay this price?

Are you ready to pay the ferryman

the toll for all the knowledge of the abyss?

As Furcas concludes his captivating monologue, his voice lingering in the air like an ethereal whisper, we turn our attention to the profound significance of his oracle card from the Fallen Angels of New Orleans Oracle Deck. This deck, steeped in the mystique of the city's rich folklore, unravels the enigmatic messages of the fallen angels that haunt the streets. The oracle card of Furcas, the Demon of the Pursuit of Knowledge, serves as a potent reminder of the delicate balance between enlightenment and the perils of unbridled ambition.

Furcas: the Oracle Card

Furcas, the Fallen Angel of Wisdom, is an awe-inspiring and formidable entity whose reputation as a teaching demon precedes it. This powerful being manifests in the form of a wise and aged man, adorned with a flowing, untamed beard that cascades down his chest. Riding upon a ghostly pale horse, Furcas exudes an aura of mystique and authority. In its hand, the demon wields a sharp and gleaming spear, a symbol of its unwavering pursuit of knowledge and the power it wields over all realms of wisdom.

Once a revered angel residing in the celestial abode of heaven, Furcas was cast down from its lofty position due to an insatiable thirst for learning and an unquenchable desire for knowledge acquisition. As it descended from grace, the fallen angel's dominion over all forms of knowledge grew, transforming it into an even more formidable and enigmatic demon.

Legends and tales surrounding Furcas highlight its unparalleled ability to manipulate knowledge, bending it effortlessly to serve its own purposes. Whispers among those familiar with its existence speak of Furcas possessing an incomparable understanding of any subject, no matter how intricate or obscure it may be. It is said that this demon possesses the capacity to influence the minds of its students, compelling them to wholeheartedly embrace and believe in the teachings it imparts.

The card depicting Furcas carries profound significance, symbolizing the immense impact of knowledge in our lives. This card represents our capacity to comprehend and attain wisdom, as well as the transformative power that education holds. It embodies the extraordinary ability to acquire new skills, broaden our understanding, and illuminate the path toward personal growth and enlightenment.

The Furcas card signals a deep yearning and hunger for knowledge. It urges the seeker to actively pursue wisdom and understanding, encouraging them to approach life with an openness to fresh perspectives and ideas. Furcas serves as a potent reminder to consider the potential consequences of our actions and to meticulously weigh the risks and rewards inherent in the choices we make.

Encountering the Furcas card compels us to question our own beliefs and assumptions, urging us to explore alternative viewpoints and challenge the self-imposed limitations that confine us. Embracing an acute awareness of the potential repercussions of our decisions empowers us to evaluate the risks and rewards they entail. In essence, the presence of Furcas beckons us to embark on a journey of self-discovery and self-improvement through the pursuit of knowledge and wisdom.

As a symbol of knowledge and the relentless quest for wisdom, Furcas stands tall, embodying the intrinsic power contained within knowledge itself—the ability to grasp profound truths, attain wisdom, and embark upon a transformative journey of personal growth.

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