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The Eternal Flame of Creativity

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

Creativity is the eternal flame in my heart. I've been feeling scattered for the past few months so I picked up a new copy of "The Artist's Way" by Julia Cameron. I've read the book/ been through the program twice before, but I knew I really needed something to help me get back on track so I went to my favorite classic.

If you believe, or if you've been told, you're not creative, or if you just aren't certain how to jump start your creative drive, get this book. I really cannot recommend it enough. It's a twelve week program that will change your life.

It will help you find your inner creativity and guide you on the road to expressing your creativity.

I truly believe that we are all innately creative, but our creativity is ground out of us when we are young. Most often it's an unthinking adult who plants the idea in our young heads that we aren't creative. They criticize something we've made without realizing the harm they can do.

My earliest exposure to art was not good. My elementary school had art instruction one day a week. I hated it. I vividly remember our teacher projecting an upside down building onto a screen and telling us to draw it, upside down. It wasn't fun. It wasn't engaging. My upside down building was always lopsided and strange. I learned to dislike art. I decided I was not good at it and never wanted to pick up a paint brush or an art pencil ever again.

Finding my way back to creativity was a long hard road especially as I come from a family tradition where my siblings and I were each given a label at a young age. Shaking off that assigned identity took me years of inner work.

We absorb that early programming and bake it into a part of our essential identity. Freeing ourselves from that programming can take decades. Rediscovering who I truly am has taken me far too many years.

My older brother was the "athlete". My younger brother was the "artist" (later the "actor" or the "musician"). My younger sister was the "pretty one". I got to be the "smart" one.

True that my older brother was gifted with remarkable hand eye coordination that gave him athletic skills but he was also a talented young artist and had a real knack for picking up skills like crochet and knitting. My younger sister is gorgeous but she's also possesses artistic skill as well as a brilliant mind. We are so much more than these simple labels.

Realizing that I do possess true creativity took me so many wasted years. I loved theater and writing, but I was directed toward other things. I was competent in the maths and sciences but I didn't enjoy them. Finding my way back to creativity opened up a window in my innermost soul. I found that thing that I loved to do.

I found my way to doing something that I truly enjoyed, and even more, discovered that I was good at art. Find your creativity. Find your way to that thing that makes your soul sing.

You are so much more than that label. You possess gifts beyond imagining. Pick up "The Artist's Way" and find your way back to your innate creativity.

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