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Rolling on the Mighty Mississippi River

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

The Mississippi River is the second largest river in the United States, conjoined to the largest, the Missouri. The Mississippi nourishes large parts of this country, providing water for millions of Americans as well as thousands of jobs. The river remains an essential part of our shipping conduits, allowing the transport of essential food and goods.

She nourishes and nurtures us.

The French established New Orleans as a port city in 1718, knowing what an important part such a city could play in their burgeoning empire.

Whenever I stop in at the French Quarter, I feel an overwhelming compulsion to walk up to the Moon Walk and marvel at her. She is always busy, always beautiful.

I come away with a sense of awe and worship. If we've a patron goddess for the Mississippi, I'd gladly play homage.

That impulse to nurture, that need to care for others, is such an important drive in the human species. Is it any wonder I see that mirrored in the land and waters around us?

Mothers tend and care for their offspring as the Mississippi provides nutrients and life for millions. The fertility of her bounteous waters mirrors some essential part of ourselves, wanting to nurture and love the people in our lives that matter most to us.

As an Air sign (if you put any stock in astrology), I tend to lead with my head over my heart, but I know how important it is to allow love in our lives, to nurture the relationships and people in our life.

We harvest what we sow and I very much want my harvest to be bountiful and full of love.

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