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Return of the Fallen Angels

I've been edging around really diving into this deck for over a year. I created a few cards but then backed off. I've done the research. I know what I want this deck to look like. Starting on a project like this one feels somehow momentous.

I know that people find the Tarot itself objectionable and I know that a Fallen Angel Oracle deck would probably be even more objectionable to those same people, but I also know that the people who feel this way, probably aren't following me or buying my work so full steam ahead. Let's leave our prejudices and fears of what is unknown at the threshold. Let's throw wide the "doors of perception" and explore the shadows within.

I am delighted to announce my return to working on the Fallen Angel of New Orleans Oracle Deck. As a passionate lover of New Orleans' rich history and unique energy, I am creating a deck that celebrates the city's mystical charm as well as the intriguing mythology surrounding fallen angels.

Divided into five suits - Air, Earth, Water, Fire, and Love - with 13 fallen angels in each suit, this deck is designed to offer deep insights and guidance to those seeking answers and direction. In addition to the 65 fallen angels, Lilith and Lucifer will be included as wild cards, adding a layer of unpredictability and depth to the readings.

My approach to selecting the fallen angels for the deck was to delve into the many grimoires of fallen angels, which contain thousands of descriptions of various fallen angels. Rather than focusing on the 72 fallen angels of The Lesser Key of Solomon, which has been the basis for many other fallen angel oracle decks, I wanted to take a different approach and select fallen angels that seemed to fit into the spirit of my evolving deck.

Starting with the suit of Air, I have been carefully studying and exploring each fallen angel to gain a deeper understanding of their energy and how they fit into the context of the deck. I have delved into their individual stories, characteristics, and correspondences, and am using this knowledge to create artwork and symbolism that capture their essence and help tell their stories.

Throughout the creation of this deck, I have been deeply inspired by the city of New Orleans and its captivating aura. The city's rich history, unique traditions, and blend of cultures have all played a significant role in shaping this oracle deck. I am thrilled to share this work with you and invite you to join me on this journey of exploration and self-discovery with the Fallen Angel of New Orleans Oracle Deck.

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