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Misty Colored Memories of the Way We Were

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

Six of Cups - nostalgia, innocence, pleasures of the past, childhood memories

(guest blog post)

I'm a newbie when it comes to tarot. Loveday started to teach me a few years ago, and there are times when I haven't touched my deck in months, and times I'm good about drawing a card a day. What constantly astounds me is how accurate the cards can be. I've done remote readings that were spot on. I've had readings that, a year later when I looked back at them, were spot on. Two weeks ago, I agreed to write this guest entry last week and we even changed which card I was going to write about.

Since I was sixteen, I've played guitar; and specifically liturgical guitar. I played with youth groups while I was in high school, I played for the Schola Cantorum while in seminary (I played double bass for that choir – that was fun!) I met my ex-wife while playing guitar in the choir at the Catholic Church – I was in that choir for almost a decade. Now I've been playing guitar and bass at the local Unitarian Universalist for about 4 years.

After the second service this Sunday, a woman I didn't recognize approached me and introduced herself. It turned out that we went to high school together. After over 25 years, we both found ourselves at the same church at the same time and we spent about 20 minutes talking and catching up. We were acquaintances when we graduated, but never kept in touch.

As I thought about this, and thought about my first blog post for Fairy Surreal; I thought about how, again, the Tarot managed to nail it. A pleasant childhood memory, and in real life.

Nice job, universe.

Salvatore Culotta

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