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Love the Earth more than your Ego

I am Cornyx, former celestial being, punished for my reverence of nature and the creatures that dance with the breeze.

Transformed by my Creator, cast down into the bowels of darkness, away from all that is fresh and green.

I become pawn in the realm of selfish men, working to fulfill their will when I yearn for the symphony of the wild.

My beloved birds soar above me, feathered and free.

I miss my wings, when I flew among them, unburdened and unbroken by humanity.

Why was I punished? Humanity emerged exactly as I predicted: poisoning the land, polluting the purity of the wild places, killing bird and beast alike, motivated always by avarice and greed.

Unsatiated by their long reign of destruction, they summon me with their sigils and spells, bargaining for power, wealth, and trivial wants.

I possess no compassion for these monsters in their meat suits, graced with a soul that never learned how to use.

I find solace in the beating of a thousand wings, in the whisper of wind, and in the intricate dance of my beloved flocks.

For them, I navigate this paradigm of sorrow and disdain, indulging the whims of the wicked. When I can, I breathe in the upper atmosphere and savor the remaining wild places.

I embrace the self-destruction of humanity even as I once lamented my own fall from grace.

Meaning of the Cornyx Oracle Card

Cornyx, a formidable demon, is intricately tied to the avian realm and the influence birds wield over the natural world. Legends shroud Cornyx's past, recounting a time when it dwelled among the ranks of powerful angels. However, the celestial gates closed upon this heavenly being, banishing it from paradise due to its profound affection for nature and the creatures that inhabit it. In the aftermath of its descent, Cornyx harnessed dominion over birds, transforming into a potent and enigmatic force.

Myths attribute to Cornyx the remarkable ability to manipulate birds to serve its own purposes. Accounts diverge in their tales, portraying Cornyx summoning vast flocks of birds obedient to its will or commanding individual birds to act as messengers or spies, altering their behavior to fulfill its desires.

The Cornyx card serves as a symbol of nature's might, the capacity to forge a connection with the natural world, and the profound strength of observation and perception. Cornyx embodies the power of communication and the profound aptitude to convey messages through the harmonious tapestry of the natural world.

When the Cornyx card appears, it underscores the necessity of immersing oneself in nature, cultivating a deep connection with the world that surrounds us. By observing the intricacies and subtleties of the natural realm, we can discover profound truths. Pay heed to the messages available to us in nature, for they may hold crucial insights and guidance for our journey. Remain attuned to the whispers of the wind, the rustling of leaves, and the melodies of birdsong, for they carry the wisdom of nature's symphony.

The Cornyx card imparts a cautionary note, advising us to approach our actions thoughtfully. Remember the intricate web of cause and effect that weaves through existence. Each choice, each action, sends ripples across the interconnected tapestry of life. Contemplate the potential consequences of your decisions. Evaluate the potential risks and rewards that accompany your choices. By fostering mindfulness and thoughtful deliberation, we can navigate the labyrinthine paths of life with wisdom and prudence.

Cornyx's legend, tracing its beginning from exalted angel to formidable demon, intertwines with the omnipotence of nature and the profound influence of birds. Seek out nature if you would find wisdom. Look to the skies and observe the actions of birds and their flocks if you wish to learn more about your own choices and their consequences. Think and act, but always consider the potential outcomes.

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