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Love is Love even for Amphibians

Pride Month is a time to celebrate love, acceptance, and the beautiful tapestry of identities within the LGBTQ+ community.  This year, I wanted to explore these themes through the lens of a fantastical reimagining of a classic fairytale.  What if the princess, yearning for a love that transcends societal expectations, finds her happily ever after not with a prince, but with another woman?  Join me as we delve into a story of forbidden magic, a vengeful curse, and a love that blooms in the most unexpected form – a love story as vibrant and unique as the emerald and sapphire frogs at its heart.

Princess Seraphina, with hair the color of burnished copper and eyes like summer sapphires, scowled at her reflection in a goblet of dented silver. The tiara, a cruel mockery of spun gold and fake jewels, felt heavy on her head. The Queen, her face a mask of worry lines and ambition, droned on about Prince Theobald, another witless princeling in a long line of dullards. Seraphina dreamt of dragons, not diplomatic marriages.

Eldred, the court wizard, a man whose shadow seemed permanently attached to him, watched her with a kind of hungry desperation. He'd woven spells of infatuation around her, clumsy and suffocating. When she tore them apart with a laugh that held the sharp tang of defiance, his face curdled with something darker than disappointment.

One starless night, with the castle thick with the stench of betrayal, Eldred struck. A muttered curse, a flick of his bony wrist, and Seraphina found herself encased in a cold, emerald skin, her laughter morphing into a startled croak. "Only true love's kiss can break the curse," he cackled, his voice a rasping echo in the empty corridor.

The kingdom mourned a missing princess, whispers of foul play swirling through the court like autumn leaves. Seraphina, no longer a princess but a frog with a crown of bulrushes, found solace in the cool embrace of the castle moat. The world, once a tapestry of gilded cages, now shimmered with the promise of adventure – a symphony of buzzing insects and the musky scent of damp earth.

One night, a storm raged, shaking the castle to its very foundation. Anya, a sorceress with eyes like molten gold and a cloak the color of twilight, materialized in the royal treasury. Her nimble fingers reached for a ruby necklace pulsating with a dark magic, a prize for her collection of the strange and wondrous.

But Eldred, alerted by the magical tremor, stood in her path. A battle of wills crackled in the air, spells weaving and snapping like lightning. With a final, desperate surge of power, Anya unleashed a curse, transforming Eldred into a grotesque statue, a gargoyle forever frozen in a silent scream.

Forced to flee, Anya, with a mischievous glint in her golden eyes, plunged into the moat, her body rippling as she transformed. She landed beside Seraphina, another sapphire frog in a world of emerald reeds.

Intrigued, Anya croaked a greeting. Soon, stories were shared – Seraphina's tale of stolen freedom and Anya's life dancing on the edge of the law. When Seraphina mentioned the curse and the conniving wizard, Anya let out a throaty chuckle.

"Eldred, the bumbling fool," she rasped, a hint of amusement dancing in her voice. "Turned to stone, you say? Excellent news!"

Seraphina, relieved to find an ally, poured out her frustrations about princes and gilded cages. Anya listened, a sly smile playing on her lips. The air crackled with an otherworldly energy as Anya, ever the experimenter, brewed a potion from moonlight and swamp moss.

They shared the concoction, and the world dissolved into a swirling vortex of emerald and sapphire. When it subsided, they stood, or rather hopped, in the pale moonlight, no longer princesses or sorceresses, but frogs with a glint of newfound defiance in their eyes.

"Well," Seraphina croaked, a playful lilt in her voice, "this isn't exactly the Happily Ever After I envisioned, but..."

Anya chuckled, a sound as melodic as wind chimes. "Perhaps," she said, nudging Seraphina with a webbed foot, "happily ever after doesn't have to involve a castle and a crown. We can be free, together, to explore the world on our own terms."

And so, the princess and the sorceress, transformed but not broken, embarked on a new adventure. Together, they leaped into the unknown, a symphony of emerald and sapphire against the backdrop of a world waiting to be explored. The castle faded behind them, a monument to a life they no longer desired. Their kingdom might have mourned a princess, but Seraphina, no longer a pawn, had found a love story whispered on the wind, a love that thrived in the heart of a swamp, as strange and beautiful as the moonlight.

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