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Little Red in the French Quarter

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

As I've started exploring more obscure fairy tales, I still come back to the classics. I've always been fascinated by the story of Little Red Riding Hood. There's just something about the iconic red cloak and the menacing presence of the wolf that captivates my imagination.

What would it be like if Little Red Riding Hood took a stroll through the French Quarter of New Orleans? I can picture her walking down Royal Street, her red cloak standing out against the colorful buildings

Little Red Riding Hood isn't just a tourist. She's on a mission. Maybe she's on her way to visit her grandmother, just like in the classic fairy tale. Or maybe she's on a quest to uncover some mysterious artifact or vanquish a supernatural foe.

Whatever her mission, Little Red Riding Hood is up to the challenge. She's not the helpless victim that some versions of the story would have us believe. Instead, she's resourceful, clever, and unafraid to face danger head-on.

I love brilliant colors which is why I am drawn to the French Quarter over and over and over again. I play with the contrast between light and dark, innocence and danger. I work to create surreal and dreamlike scenes that capture the essence of this timeless tale.

I also try to infuse my artwork with a sense of playfulness and whimsy. After all, Little Red Riding Hood is a fairy tale character, and there's a certain magic and enchantment that comes with that territory.

Little Red Riding Hood may have originated in a European folk tale, but her story has captivated audiences worldwide for centuries. By imagining her in the colorful and vibrant setting of the French Quarter, we can see her story in a new light and appreciate the enduring power of her character. She stands up against forces that should, by any definition, be more powerful and dangerous than she is, but she doesn't let that stop her in her mission to help her grandmother.

Sometimes when we're faced with danger and difficult odds all we can do is put our heads down and keep moving. Young and inexperienced as she is, Little Red Riding Hood refuses to let the wolf stop her.

Fairy tales continue to appeal to us because the lessons in them remain relevant centuries later. Don't worry, Little Red, I will continue facing off against the Big Bad and keep going. Grandmother, after all, still needs us.

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