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How Do You Celebrate?

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

Or maybe I should be taking the approach as to why you celebrate? I find it interesting that as a society we celebrate things like birthdays or one size fits all holidays but we don't usually spend any time reflecting on or recognizing our personal accomplishments.

Sure, I'm a whole year older and I like getting presents so let's mark the occasion with sushi and cheesecake. I don't object to this but I come back to the truth that the things I worked hard to accomplish; those things that are truly of note in my life are things I don't really celebrate.

I accomplished my goal of writing a weekly blog for two years. That's pretty amazing, but I haven't celebrated it or my hard work.

I completed 200 days of Spanish practice and have almost completed level one of the Duolingo program. I created and funded an Oracle Deck during the quarantine. I self-published my own poetry book and have re-ordered a second printing. I've gotten into exhibitions and festivals.

I accomplish things all the time, but I never really take the time to tell myself that I am proud of what I have done. I am hard working and creative and determined. I should be proud of that.

Instead, when I celebrate something, it's either a societal holiday or a birthday, and the same is true for most of the people I know. Maybe it's something we need to think about. Maybe it's something we should change as a society.

We're always so ready to hate on ourselves and tear ourselves down, but we rarely praise ourselves or acknowledge that we are worthy of love and respect. Instead, we raise a glass to the passing years and continue to overlook our own accomplishments.

Love yourself. Tell the world about whatever thing you've done or accomplished, no matter how small. You are wonderful and you are worthy of love.

Acknowledge and celebrate the wonder that is you.

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