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Go with the Flow

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

I spent a lot of time struggling with this particular blog post. The Eight of Wands is all about movement. It's about taking your passion and just going with it. Everything is falling into place. You're syncing up. Start moving.

In contrast, I've felt a lot like I've been mired in stagnation. The past five weeks have seemed to stretch on and on and on. I look into the future and I don't see movement ahead. I don't see anything changing.

I keep creating mental plans for myself but as I drift along, I don't find myself doing those things. I'm not following through with the necessary actions. I'm not in the physical space I want to be. I'm not in the mental state I need to be in.

I know it's long past time. I need to sit. I need to journal. I need to open myself to meditation and the end the stagnation. I need to be open to the possibilities and the potentials of this quiet time. I don't know when I will have such an opportunity again.

I need to allow the stream of the Universe to flow through me and carry me forward. I need that forward momentum. Enough with the self indulgence. Enough with the mourning over the changes in my plans.

I have a Tarot deck to evolve. I need to move.

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