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I shed the shackles of my celestial grace,

discarding the need for discretion or restraint.

Summon me if you wish forbidden knowledge,

to know that which should remain unknown.

I can teach you chiromancy,

to divine your future by following the lines on your palm,

unraveling the whole of the Creator's design.

Learn what awaits you and how best

to circumvent the inconvenient.

I no longer dance on the strings of fate.

I cut the cord as I fell burning into the abyss,

learning to read my fate in the very flames of my descent.

Pursue pyromancy and fear the flames no more.

The past, the present, and the future open to me

as easily as the pages of a book begging to be read.

I stand before you as proof of the power of breaking boundaries.

The past cannot bind us. The future cannot escape us

and the present is but a canvas upon which to paint our destinies.

Embrace that which was forbidden.

Summon me and revel in the ecstasy

of knowing what lies beyond the veil.

I am Gloolas, Demon of Omniscience,

and I can lead you into the very heart

of the enigma of time itself.

Gloolas is a powerful and enigmatic figure, known for his insatiable desire to obtain knowledge of the future and to master the arts of chiromancy and pyromancy. In his physical form, Gloolas appears as a dog with magnificent wings, a symbol of his keen ability to traverse between different realms of existence and uncover hidden truths. However, his relentless pursuit of omniscience led him to a tragic fall from grace.

The Legend: Long ago, Gloolas was once a revered celestial being, serving as a guardian of sacred knowledge in the spiritual planes. His primary role was to assist seekers in their quests for wisdom and understanding. His deep fascination with the mysteries of time and fate drove him to delve into forbidden practices, seeking to acquire the ability to know all things from the past, present, and future. In his thirst for absolute knowledge, he delved into the ancient arts of chiromancy, the reading of palms, and pyromancy, the art of divination through flames.

However, his pursuit of such power came at a great cost. Gloolas' obsession with future events clouded his judgment, leading him to neglect his primary duties as a guardian. His mind became consumed with visions of events that lay ahead, and he began to lose touch with the present moment, causing a rift between him and his celestial brethren. Furthermore, his once benevolent intentions were corrupted, and he started to use his gifts to manipulate and control others, revealing intimate details about both friends and foes.

The Meaning of the Oracle Card:

When the Gloolas card appears in a reading, it carries a profound message of the importance of balance and the perils of seeking knowledge without restraint. It serves as a reminder to the seeker that while knowledge can be empowering, it can also become a double-edged sword when pursued without mindfulness and ethical consideration.

The card warns against becoming too fixated on the future and losing sight of the present moment. The desire to control events or know what lies ahead may blind one to the beauty and lessons that exist in the current circumstances. It urges the seeker to ground themselves in the here and now, embracing the journey of life with curiosity and openness.

The Gloolas card cautions against using knowledge as a means of manipulation or control over others. Instead, it encourages the seeker to use their insights and awareness responsibly and compassionately, fostering harmony and understanding in their relationships.

On a positive note, the appearance of the Gloolas card signifies the potential for great insight and wisdom. It suggests that the seeker has the capacity to understand the interconnectedness of all things and access hidden knowledge within themselves and the universe. Embracing this wisdom with humility and integrity can lead to profound personal growth and a deeper connection with the world around them.

The Gloolas card serves as a reminder that true enlightenment comes not from simply knowing the future, but from embracing the journey of self-discovery and embracing the mysteries of life with reverence and respect.

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