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Forbidden Knowledge

I am Goorax, the Astral Warden,

fallen and condemned to the desolate abyss.

I reveled in the majesty of the orbs and stars,

working out the precise movements of the intricate dance of the universe.

I exceeded my station, breaking all established boundaries

as I yearned to understand the whole of the cosmic symphony,

to compose with the music of the stars,

and to unravel all the secrets of the celestial realm.

My wings, once ablaze with ethereal light,

lie tattered and charred

even as my love for the universe endures.

I yearn for my lost celestial ballet

as the stars beckon me like shimmering gems.

Magicians summon me still,

seeking understanding

of the workings of the universe.

As Astral Warden, I offer what glimpses I can

of the interconnectedness of all the realms.

Even though my form changed, my inner essence remains constant,

always longing for the lost magic of the celestial spheres.

Although I may be cast aside and doomed to

this eternal abyss of darkness,

I find solace in the radiant flame of the stars

and the everlasting wonders of the universe.

Goorax, once a celestial angel, was cast into the abyss by the Creator due to his insatiable craving for knowledge about the workings of the universe. He fell in love with the captivating majesty and awe-inspiring spectacle of space, marveling at the precise rules that govern the solar systems and the harmonious functioning of the universe. His relentless pursuit of understanding defied the Creator's expectations for a mere angel.

During his celestial descent, Goorax not only delved further into the study of astronomy but also learned the mystical art of astrology. This further deepened his understanding of the universe and its secrets, which challenged the limitations imposed on an angelic being. Despite his transformation into a demon, Goorax retained his insatiable love for the universe and its inner workings.

The Goorax card symbolizes the seeker's quest for cosmic knowledge and the desire to comprehend the intricacies of the universe. It represents the seeker's longing to unravel the mysteries of the celestial bodies and understand the profound rules that govern the cosmos. Magicians and seekers summon Goorax when they seek wisdom about the workings of the universe or wish to delve into astrology to gain insights into future events based on its rules.

The card reflects Goorax's affinity for shiny and sparkly things, echoing his fascination with the majestic celestial bodies as well as his weakness for the enchanting allure of precious gems and crystals. It serves as a reminder that Goorax's love for the universe extends to its breathtaking visual beauty, as well as the cosmic knowledge it holds.

The appearance of the Goorax card encourages the seeker to embrace their own thirst for knowledge and the exploration of the universe's mysteries. It highlights the seeker's fascination with the harmonious precision that underlies the workings of the cosmos. However, it also carries a cautionary message, reminding the seeker to remain grounded and mindful of the balance between seeking knowledge and respecting the limits and responsibilities of their station.

The Goorax oracle card represents the seeker's alignment with the Astral Warden's quest for cosmic understanding. It embodies the seeker's longing for knowledge about the workings of the universe, their fascination with the rules that govern celestial systems, and their affinity for astrology's power to reveal future events. The card encourages the seeker to embrace their curiosity while remaining aware of the boundaries imposed by their role and responsibilities.

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