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Updated: Nov 11, 2021

It's been a long few weeks, trying to adjust to self isolation and social distancing. I've been emotionally up and down. The anxiety attacks have mostly abated although with the opening up of many businesses, I felt a sense of real concern. I'm afraid that they are sacrificing public safety for the sake of the economy. I'm very much afraid of what is to follow.

Concern about the outer world just makes my own space seem so much more important. I moved in to my current space about eight months ago, into the house owned by my partner. It's been a huge change, adjusting to someone else's space and trying to adapt to living with another adult. I'd grown accustomed to being on my own with just my minor children.

We moved from a country environment to the quasi suburbs: the area is residential housing but many businesses are within easy walking distance. I find I really like the change.

The quarantine has also put all of us very much in one another's pockets, learning to live around the constant being there. Mostly, we've been managing, with my partner maintaining an office on one side of the house and me at the other end (with two teenage boys glued to their computers in between).

I like it though: being with people I love, in a space that I'm enjoying. I've even started gardening (I tend to be fatal to plants but I am attempting to channel my inner druid and create a wildflower type of flower bed. Save the bees!)

The Nine of Pentacles is very much the card of the week, finding balance in your own space. Our homes should be a sanctuary. We deserve a space to call home. I'm learning to surround myself with people and things that I love. We deserve to feel at peace and contentment when we are in our own space. Home is where love is: within you and without you.

Wishing you good vibes and a better week.

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