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Fallen Angels of New Orleans: the Suit of Air

Welcome, dear readers, to a mystical journey through the realms of divination and artistry. Today, I am delighted to introduce you to "The Fallen Angels of New Orleans Oracle Deck," a project close to my heart, where digital art and spirituality intertwine. As a digital artist and poet, I've poured my soul into creating these cards, each a surreal tale in its own right.

We have completed the first suit in the deck.

The Suit of Air

In the grand tapestry of this oracle deck, the Suit of Air is a collection of 13 demons, each possessing unique qualities and symbolism. These demons bridge the gap between the ethereal and the tangible, beckoning us to explore the unknown.

1. Abech, Fallen Angel of Change and Transformation

  • Meaning: Abech invites us to embrace change as a catalyst for personal growth.

2. Abrinno, Demon of Bookcraft

  • Meaning: Abrinno is a guardian of knowledge and encourages us to seek wisdom within the pages of books.

3. Azazel, the Peacock Angel

  • Meaning: Azazel embodies the allure of self-expression and flamboyance.

4. Baraquiel, Watcher Angel of Lightning

  • Meaning: Baraquiel heralds inspiration and sudden insights.

5. Barsey, Demon of Archery

  • Meaning: Barsey encourages precise aim and determination in our pursuits.

6. Cornyx, Demon of Birds

  • Meaning: Cornyx invites us to take flight and explore new horizons.

7. Ezequiel, Watcher Angel of the Clouds

  • Meaning: Ezequiel beckons us to rise above life's challenges.

8. Fewrayn, Demon of Languages and Communication

  • Meaning: Fewrayn teaches us the power of words and their ability to bridge gaps.

9. Furcas, Demon of Knowledge and the Pursuit of Wisdom

  • Meaning: Furcas is a guardian of knowledge, urging us to seek wisdom relentlessly.

10. Gloolas, Demon of Omniscience -

Meaning: Gloolas represents the quest for all-encompassing knowledge.

11. Goorax, Demon of Astronomy, Astral Warden -

Meaning: Goorax guides us through the cosmic mysteries of the universe.

12. Hethatia, Demon of the Pursuit of Happiness -

Meaning: Hethatia reminds us that true happiness lies in our pursuit of passions.

13. Mephistopheles, Demon who Provides Familiar -

Meaning: Mephistopheles offers guidance and companionship on our spiritual journey.

The Suit of Air in "The Fallen Angels of New Orleans Oracle Deck" is a harmonious blend of artistic expression and spiritual depth. These demons beckon us to embrace change, seek knowledge, and follow our unique paths toward happiness.

The Creative Process

As a digital artist and poet, weaving together the worlds of digital collage and spirituality has been an inspiring journey. Each card in this deck is a testament to the fusion of art and mysticism.

Future Plans

I'm excited to continue this mystical journey and bring the entire oracle deck to life. Stay tuned for more updates and the release of "The Fallen Angels of New Orleans Oracle Deck."


Thank you for joining me on this exploration of the Suit of Air in my oracle deck. I hope these cards inspire you to embrace transformation, seek wisdom, and find happiness on your own spiritual journey. Stay enchanted, my friends, and keep your eyes open for the unfolding of this mystical tapestry.

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