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Ezequiel with his Head in the Clouds

We soared in Heaven, buoyed by the spiritual call of celestial winds.

Sent to Earth as Watcher Angel to guide the course of humanity's evolution.

I knew not what awaited me in the flesh.

Flesh overwhelmed me, disoriented me.

Humanity existed in the flesh from their first breath, we Watcher Angels flayed and failed

in the unfamiliar prison of our new roles.

Senses and sensations, I didn't know what was possible until it was far too late.

The daughters of man called to me, all smooth soft flesh, dark liquid eyes

that entranced and evaded my own.

The pounding of my own heart called like a drumbeat to my new flesh.

I surrendered myself to the sensations utterly. I delighted in every aspect:

from the burning of a fever, to the pain of a stone beneath my tender feet.

I embraced the allure of the mortal coil, forsaking my celestial kin.

Perhaps the birth of the Nephilim should have made me pause, to resist temptation

but we were so entranced, seduced by all aspects of the flesh.

My children, giant though they might be, were so hungry

for knowledge. I taught them the language of the weather,

the magical ways of the winds, and gave them mastery of the clouds.

I forgot the Creator in the fullness of my indulgence.

He'd thrown us unprepared into a world we'd never understood.

How could an omnipotent and omnipresent being be so careless and callous?

How could He claim righteous anger upon His angels when He failed us all

so completely?

Stripped of my grace, tossed into the abyss as worthless and inconsequential

in the Creator's great plan. Did he anticipate our fall from the beginning?

Why create, then manipulate and destroy? Did He ever love us at all?

I lamented my fall but found solace in being released from the celestial shackles.

Clouds part at my command and storms dance to the rhythm of my desires.

I bend the weather to my will. I may be fallen but I am free.

Until the arrogant human magician calls to me with the audacity

to order the powerful Ezequiel about as if he, a mere human,

were the equal of my Creator.

I have no interest or pity for these humans.

I do not linger but do as the sigils command I must

so that I may return to the autonomy of the skies.

Let the remaining angels lament my sin, weep for my fall.

I've found solace in this new world, no longer tied to the celestial.

I relish the flesh. I revel in the skies and the wind.

Yes, I gave into temptation but I don't regret a moment of it.

The oracle card of Ezequiel holds a profound connection to the realm of shadow work, where we confront and integrate our hidden aspects. Ezequiel's representation as a Watcher Angel, who fell from grace, speaks to the theme of acknowledging our shadow selves—the parts we may deem undesirable or have disowned. This card encourages us to explore the depths of our psyche, uncovering the shadows that may hold us back from self-love and personal growth.

In shadow work, Ezequiel serves as a guide, urging us to embrace the power of change and transformation. By acknowledging and integrating our shadows, we can bring light to the parts of ourselves we have suppressed or denied. This process requires courage and a willingness to delve into the depths of our being, shining a compassionate light on the aspects that we may have previously labeled as "wrong" or "negative."

The Ezequiel card prompts us to question our beliefs, assumptions, and limitations that are often deeply rooted in our shadow aspects. It encourages us to examine the unconscious patterns and behaviors that hold us captive, hindering our self-love and personal growth. By confronting our shadows, we gain the opportunity to free ourselves from their influence, allowing us to step into our authentic power and embrace our true selves.

Meaning of the Oracle Card

Ezequiel, also known as the Watcher Angel, is an angelic figure associated with clouds and weather. According to some gnostic and Christian beliefs, Ezequiel is one of the "Watchers", a group of angels who were said to have been sent to watch over humans, but instead, they rebelled against God and fell from grace.

The Watcher angels, including Ezequiel, descended from the heavenly realm and interacted with mortal beings, specifically the daughters of mankind. These divine beings, captivated by the beauty of human women, engaged in forbidden relationships that resulted in profound consequences.

In the case of Ezequiel, amidst these interactions, he imparted his celestial knowledge upon humanity, unveiling the mysterious secrets of weather manipulation and the enchanting intricacies of clouds and wind. Through his teachings, humans gained insights into the magical and natural forces that govern the skies, empowering them with an understanding that transcended the limitations of mortal existence.

Ezequiel is often depicted as a powerful and wise angel, who is said to be able to control the clouds and the weather. He possesses a deep understanding of the natural world and is able to use his powers to bring about change in the world.

The Ezequiel card symbolizes the power of change, the ability to control the weather, and the capacity to understand the natural world's secrets. Ezequiel represents the power of guidance and the ability to lead toward self-discovery and personal growth.

When drawn in a reading, the Ezequiel card indicates a need for guidance and understanding of the natural world and its secrets. Be aware of the potential consequences of your actions and consider the potential risks and rewards of your choices.

The Ezequiel card indicates a need to question our own beliefs and assumptions, seek out new perspectives and ideas, and challenge our own limitations. Think before you act and consider the ramifications of your choices. You are responsible for what you do.

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