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Entering the Lilith verse

As I embarked on the creation of the Fallen Angels of New Orleans oracle deck, I knew I wanted to bring a fresh perspective to the depiction of demons and fallen angels. I sought to infuse the celestial realm with the essence of humanity, delving into the complexities of their stories. Join me on this mystical journey as I introduce a deck that explores the depths of the supernatural and tangible worlds.

Unearthing the Inspiration:

In the depths of my imagination, the inspiration for the Fallen Angels of New Orleans oracle deck began to take shape. I yearned to showcase the celestial hierarchy through the lens of human experiences and emotions. With every card I design, I aim to transport seekers to a world where angels succumbed to their inner turmoil, blurring the lines between heavenly and earthly realms.

The Suits:

Drawing upon the traditional tarot structure, I felt compelled to reimagine the suits in a way that captured the essence of both elemental forces and human existence. The earth suit, representing stability and practicality, grounds seekers in the physical realm. Fire, the embodiment of passion and transformation, ignites the spark of change within. Water, evoking emotions and intuition, guides us through the depths of our own souls. Air, symbolizing intellect and communication, encourages seekers to explore the power of thought and expression. Lastly, the suit of love encompasses matters of the heart and relationships, reminding us of the interconnectedness of all beings.

The Wild Cards: Lucifer and Lilith:

Within the tapestry of the Fallen Angels of New Orleans deck, two extraordinary "wild" cards emerge: Lucifer and Lilith. Lucifer, the archetype of rebellion and enlightenment, challenges conventional notions of good and evil. As I carefully crafted his image, I aimed to provoke introspection and encourage seekers to question societal norms and embrace their authentic selves.

Yet, it is Lilith, the most pivotal card within the deck, who truly captivates my heart. Her tale defies the typical angelic narrative, for she was not an angel but the first human female. Her audacity to challenge male power ignited a transformative journey, forever altering her fate. The powers that be sought to make an example of her, punishing her by transforming her into a demon—a cautionary tale for all who dare to challenge established hierarchies.

The Power of Lilith's Narrative:

Lilith's story resonates deeply within the Fallen Angels of New Orleans oracle deck. Her journey symbolizes the consequences of defying societal norms and the strength required to overcome adversity. Through Lilith, I sought to empower women and all individuals who dare to challenge the status quo. She embodies the indomitable spirit that drives us to rise above oppression and embrace our authentic selves.

When seekers encounter the Lilith card, I invite them to explore their own inner rebellions, confront the demons that reside within, and unlock their dormant transformative potential. Lilith serves as a guiding light, reminding us that by embracing our true selves, we can break free from the shackles of oppressive systems and forge our own path toward liberation.

Conclusion: The Fallen Angels of New Orleans oracle deck stands as a testament to my journey of infusing the celestial realm with the essence of humanity. Through the amalgamation of elemental suits and the inclusion of powerful figures like Lilith, I hope to offer seekers a unique and empowering experience. This deck encourages us to explore the depths of our souls, challenge societal expectations, and reclaim our inner power.

Join me.

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