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Cut through the Noise

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

I spent a night in uneasy dreams. The only moment I remember clearly is a white ermine walking along the edge of my vision. I stopped whatever I was doing and watched his progress. He paused, making eye contact with me, and then continued on his way to do important ermine things.

The ermine is the teller of truths; heavy truths that we often don't want to hear or to believe. Cassandra spoke those such truths and ended her life on the wrong side of the Greek swords.

I need to bring my focus and my energy into the moment and remember what truly matters. I've been too distracted with temporary, passing concerns. Everyone should count but the burden isn't mine. I can do my part but no more. Responsibility is a shared burden.

I need to go deeper. I need to work on connecting, now more than ever, even though its so much harder now. We need those connections. We need community.

The Queen of Swords reminds us to cut through the noise. Even if we can't connect emotionally, we can meet intellectually. We live in uneasy times when the balance can be so easily shifted in one direction or another.

We can connect with the real world; Earth, Mother Nature; or we can continue to pretend that we're not all interconnected, that what we do doesn't affect the whole. The fairy tale is coming to end. We don't have to play the villain any longer.

Put down the shiny toy. What we do now matters. The future hangs in the balance. We need to focus and work toward a better tomorrow. We can be that change, but we can only do so much. The responsibility is not solely yours. It belongs to all of us.

Let's work this out together.

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