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But Are They Your Soul Mate?

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

People want to find their soul mate. They want to find that person that matches them perfectly and form a perfect, fulfilling whole.

I don't believe in soulmates. I believe that we can find someone compatible; someone who can build us up; who can support us; someone that we can love: deeply, truly, madly, but I don't believe in soulmates.

When I started my Youtube channel, I was a little surprised by the number of readings that focused on finding one's true love; one's twin flame. Like most content creators, I need views so I've done a number of videos focusing on love, but I try to emphasize that a partner that supports and nurtures you is the real deal. I don't believe that we were mystically separated in the exodus from Atlantis.

You're better than a soulmate. You're the partner that picks up my kid from an event so I can work. You're the person that picks up my prescription when I'm sick; that cooks my favorite thing when I'm cranky. You're the person that loves me, flaws and everything, and you're the person that I love.

When I started my Twitch Stream, again I was surprised by how many people want a love reading. They want to know what their partner is really thinking. They want to know if this relationship is going to work out. They want to know if their ex will come back to them.

I do those readings. I tell them what the cards seem to be saying. If I see red flags, I call them out. No matter how infatuated you might be, no matter how beautiful they are, how good are they for you?

Part of me just wants to urge them to talk to their partner. We consult the Tarot when we're confused; when we're uncertain; sometimes when we are just floundering in our lives.

Our partners, or our potential partners, should be there for us. No more games. No more making me guess what you're thinking. Talk to me.

That's what I want. That's what I want for everyone.: a partner that talks to you; a partner that supports you; a partner that will be there for you in your darkest moments and stay by your side during the dark night of the soul which comes to us all.

I love you and wish you happiness during this season for lovers. I hope they support you and care for you the way that you deserve because you are amazing.

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