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Bloom Where You're Planted

May Third is the Word! May Third is the Word! May Third is the Word!

When I come away from a three-day festival, my sense is often of a blurred series of bits of conversations, music, and festival attire. I remember the couple that told me that I obviously drank the kool-aid at Woodstock, the man who referred to me as a "Babe-raham Lincoln" (referencing my Steampunk Lincoln artwork), and the sweet woman who read some of my poetry and then asked if she could give me a hug.

On the final morning, an artist friend of mine talked to me about coming to terms with the aging process. He referenced it as something he was truly enjoying. His youth was a time of taking everything apart to see how it worked, and now, he'd reached the place in his life where he was beginning to put everything back together. He'd learned to embrace his change in careers over the years and to find the wisdom in leaning into that evolution.

I love the idea of that. My path has changed and transformed over the years. I thought I'd found my path, but so much changed with the pandemic. I shifted my focus from strictly art markets to larger projects: like my New Orlean Tarot Cats deck, my Animal Spirits of the Apocalypse Oracle Deck as well as Childhood Demons book. I learned I liked long-term projects.

In 2021, I focused on creating the imagery for what would become the Bloom Where You're Planted Oracle Deck. I spent a lot of time over the past few weeks trying to figure out the Kickstarter system. I ordered a video for my campaign from an artist on Fiverr, hated the computer-generated voice that came with the video, so ended up tossing that one out and making my own. Four different versions of that video later and I finished the last details on my Kickstarter launch page.

I've really been struggling with the idea of creating my own stories; of really connecting with the time and space that I am in living in. I created this botanical oracle with the belief that we can create our own meanings. We can be the writers of our own stories. We are the heroes and this is our journey.

The Kickstarter officially launches tomorrow morning at 8:00 am central time. It would mean the world to me if you could check it out and if it appeals to you, please back it (or even just throw a couple of bucks in the hat).

Your support is everything. Thank you for coming along on the journey!

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