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Believe in the Possibility of You

I dreamt last night that I needed to go back to school, starting with an Alice in Wonderland Theater Class. Of course, from my initial optimism, things started going higgledy piggledy as they often do in dreams.

The classes were being taught in an underground cave system because the school building proper was inexplicably closed. The theater teacher wanted us turning in assignments as polaroids. Everything was not quite as one would expect a proper school to be, but I came away remembering that I can still learn. I can still evolve and transform as a person and a life long lover of learning.

I just need to believe in the possibility of me. We can change our path. We can choose to be someone new and different every morning. That possibility is always there. Our inner potential is always ready to bloom into new life.

When I published my Deck of the New Orleans Tarot Deck last year, I didn't create a matching guide book. In my head, I felt it was unnecessary, or even superfluous. I'm not a Tarot scholar. I can't teach about Kabbalah mysticism or correlations between the Tarot and the Tree of Life because I've always approached the Tarot as the story of the Fool's Journey: learning lessons and evolving on his spiral path. My approach is simpler, but it suits me.

I think I decided that others had already created Tarot guides, some with all the mystical insights of the ages so I struggled with that imposter syndrome. Who was I to try to compete with those who've made life long studies of the Tarot?

I managed to put that feeling of inferiority aside long enough this fall to finally create a Tarot guide for the Deck of the New Orleans Tarot Cats. It's simple. It's pared down. There are no deep insights into the Kabbalah or Tree of Life Mysticism, but it's mine.

If you want simple, if you want the basics, and you've supported me by purchasing the Tarot deck at any point, I am giving this pdf away. Just shoot me a dm with your email address and I will happily email a copy of the guidebook.

Believe in the possibility of you. Stop comparing yourself to others that seem deeper and more informed or more magical. You are more amazing than you give yourself credit for.

All the potential and possibility exist within you. We just need to surmount our insecurities long enough from time to time to actually do the thing that we've been afraid to do.

If I can take an Alice in Wonderland Theater Class in a cave, then you can certainly do that thing that you've been afraid to do. Snap a polaroid and turn in that assignment to your own inner teacher. I hear she grades on a curve.

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