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Well Done - Victory is Yours

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

The Six of Wands is the card of Victory and receiving the public recognition that you deserve. You are good at what you do and are finally getting the credit for all your hard work.

We all want that recognition. We all want validation. We all want approval. We're social animals. It's part of who we are.

I worked hard on a project recently but kept coming up against a brick wall of red tape and proper procedures. I tried different work arounds but kept coming back to bureaucracy and all the power being in the hands of one or two people.

I wanted to do things the proper way. I wanted to receive approval for my hard work. I wanted acknowledgment that I had finished what I set out to do. The official approval doesn't really amount to anything in the real world, but a part of me craves that nod of recognition. I want to be told that I did a good job; that I accomplished the thing; that I earned my place.

I don't know if that is going to happen. I jumped through hoops and it wasn't enough for them. I don't want to jump through any more.

I thought about it; mulled over my initial feelings of rejection and hurt, and had a moment of epiphany.

I realized that I don't really need their approval. I don't need them to validate my experience or my accomplishment. I know what I did. I know that my experience is valid.

I don't need their approval or their recognition. I never did. I am enough.

Sometimes the Powers that Be are just that: Powers; the Power Establishment; the ones that let a little power make them think that they are godlike; that they are all important. They have made themselves the Gatekeepers.

I know better now. Keep your gate closed. I will continue to follow my path and find another gate that can take me places that you never dreamed of. My road is mine and I don't need your validation to make it real.

I was always enough.

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