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Put Down the Big Stick

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

The past few weeks I've been stubbornly struggling against forces greater than my own. I can't win through sheer obstinacy. Part of me feels that I'm right; that should be enough, but the more rational part of me knows that being right isn't always enough.

I was given a task and I completed the task in what I felt was a reasonable and thorough manner. The Powers That Be disagreed and gave me what felt like unreasonable requirements.

So, of course, I exceeded the parameters of the original assignment. I was assigned two pages. I completed two pages. I was then told that ten to twelve pages was the real, secret length that I should have written.

After stewing on it for an extended period, I responded by writing 68 pages because I let myself lead with passive aggressiveness. Of course, the 68 pages was deemed too long.

I'm putting down my Big 68 page Stick and appealing to the Higher Powers that Be. Two pages should have been adequate. I should have appealed the twelve page requirement sooner.

I needed to speak softly; not lash out with the Big Stick. I am better than that, in my better moments, anyway.

I have put down my stick and am speaking softly. I am hoping it gets me further. Wish me luck.

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