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Rest, Recovery, and Rejuvenation

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

People lie. People hurt us. People betray us, even those we thought we could trust. Sometimes we love where we shouldn't. It's hard. I know it's hard. Grief is a process.

You don't need to rush through this. Take your time. Feel your emotions. Process everything that happened. Acknowledge everything that was done to you. If you erred, acknowledge that too. Accept the part of the responsibility that was yours.

Allow the emotions to wash over you and pass through you. Now, breathe. Meditate. Remember that there is still a path before you. When the worst of the pain has passed, pick yourself up and begin again.

Life hurts sometimes. Bad things happen to everyone, even the best of people. We all make mistakes, but we accept our faults. We make our peace with the Universe, our own actions, and the actions of others.

There is still much beauty in the world. There is still much that waits for us. The Divine flows through us. Center on that beauty. Breathe through your past pains. Take that first step and begin your journey again.

Go forth and be the bad ass that you are. The Universe is waiting.

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