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Let It Go

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

Stop holding on so tightly. You cannot control every little thing. The tighter and more desperate the grasp, the more control begins to slip away.

One of my failings: the Four of Pentacles feels like a reflection of some of my worst qualities. Some part of me clings to the belief that if I just make enough lists, create enough schedules, and check enough items off that list, then I can completely control my fate.

The Universe doesn't work that way. It ebbs. It flows. It follows its own schedules and its own whims. It doesn't concern itself with items on a list.

In the past six weeks, my life has upturned and rearranged itself. My schedule and my plans meant nothing to the Powers that Be. At first, I was terrified and almost frozen with inaction. I'd become so stuck in my little rut, building up the walls around me and burrowing in more deeply than was good for me.

Sometimes the Universe acts for us when we've gotten too comfortable. Change is important. Evolving and transforming are essential to become better humans.

I say I want change. I want to transform. I want to be better, but that isn't possible if I stay in my rut and refuse to move. The Universe shook up my little box and I am moving. I am digging my way out of my little rut and am going to try something new; something different.

I am loosening my grip. I am trying to relax into the flow of the Universe. I can't wait to see where it takes. me.

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