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Find your Path and the Power of Synchronicity

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

Five years ago, I enrolled in a marketing class for artists offered by the Arts Council of Baton Rouge. The class opened my eyes to a lot of possibilities and opportunities that I didn't even know were a thing. I applied to some of the local art markets (was somehow accepted!) and my first Art Melt (also, accepted!).

That first little bit of positive reinforcement was enough to propel me forward and even though I've faltered here and there, I've kept moving forward.

I'd tinkered with creative endeavors, beading, rag dolls, and graphic design, but fairy tale themed photo manipulation really clicked for me. I felt like I'd found my thing.

The Two of Wands is all about taking that first original thought and moving forward. At this stage, you may just be making a plan or taking the first tentative steps. Maybe you've found your passion or maybe it will just be a passing interest.

For me, everything just clicked into place: synchronicity at work. A local gallery opened at a new location just when I was looking for some place to hang my work. The Arts Council offered this marketing class exactly when I was realizing that art was something I wanted to explore.

It almost felt like the Universe was guiding my path and my journey. I started on this journey and couldn't be more grateful for the opportunities offered me.

Sometimes we just find that thing that makes our spirit sing. Follow your bliss.

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