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When You Are All Out of Spoons

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

Posting a little late this time, which plays in perfectly with the theme of the Two of Pentacles. Life is about balance and scheduling, about frantically trying to achieve all the things. Some days I feel like I only have so many spoons. I have a plan in place that would comfortably use the number of spoons that I possess. I plan my week around this.

If I have five difficult tasks, I break it down so that I don't have to perform all the tasks at one time, but sometimes life surprises us with unexpected events.

Tuesday is set up for me to write my blog post. I've been wanting to start a new Project so the plan was for that to be my two major use of spoons for the day: write the blog, reach Point A on the new Project.

But the world had other plans, I needed to take care of some red tape / bureaucratic stuff with my youngest child. I walk in with all paperwork. Everything seems to be simple and clear. Task done. Used a spoon but we finished. I returned home and just barely started working on the new Project and I received a phone call telling me that in fact red tape was not taken care of. I needed to return to the office, pick up all the turned in paperwork and take it all somewhere else.

Fine. I returned to the office, picked up the paperwork, and took it the new location. Everything seems finished and complete. Spoon used. Returned home and focused on some drawing and painting to recharge. I was feeling all out of spoons.

And then, as life does, another new task. Ginger child in need later in the day. I managed to pull out a few more spoons. I started in on new Project and reached Point A. I assisted Ginger child, returned home. Blog post still uncompleted, but I felt completely out of spoons so I let myself off the hook. No more spoons to give. Blog post rescheduled for today.

Life happens. The Two of Pentacles is all about balance and scheduling and trying to accomplish all the things. On my best days, I can. Other days, I just can't, and that's OK too.

Bigger picture, I will accomplish my goals, maybe not as quickly as I would in an ideal world, but I will get it done.

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