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Let the Love Flow

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

I dreamt that I was deep in the forest as a wandering child. The forest was bitterly cold. The snow crunched under my feet as I pushed my way through the undergrowth and toward the cottage of the Crone.

I've never known the cottage to be empty, but as I pushed in the front door, the rooms were dark and cold. I moved to the hearth which always has a cauldron bubbling merrily over a crackling fire. This time there was no fire, no cauldron.

I shuddered in the cold. I was shivering. I could feel my skin turning blue. Where was the Crone?

I realized that I could light the fire with my inner flame. I opened my chest as I would a cupboard but discovered to my dismay that my chest was empty. My inner fire had gone out, leading in turn to the cold hearth in the home of the Crone.

Sometimes it just feels like we've lost our way; our passion is gone. We walk through our days without emotion or motivation.

The Ace of Cups promises that it isn't too late. We can light that inner fire again. We can begin to overflow with love and creativity. We aren't truly empty.

Find a spark, the tiniest of sparks and nourish it. You contain the whole potential of the Universe within you. Creativity must be fed. Love must be fought for. Look within and find those possibilities. Let the love flow.

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