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What You've Accomplished So Far

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

I'm taking this week to celebrate what I've achieved so far this year. I set out with the intention of completing half of my Tarot deck and, half way through the year, I am 22 cards in to the 78 card deck.

I will just say it, even if it seems to be pure ego stroking, I am pleased with myself. I've started out a year with vague ideas and vague plans which I usually abandon at some point in February.

This time I set a plan. I broke it down into manageable bits, one card a week; 39 by the end of the year, which allows me time for busy festival weeks or a little time off. I think I've discovered a rather obvious secret on how to achieve something: make it possible.

Too often I think we set difficult or even impossible goals for ourselves: I'm going to work out more. I'm going to mediate for an hour a day. I'm going to become fluent in Russian by the end of the year. It's no wonder that we don't achieve those things.

Break it down. Make it manageable, even easy for yourself and then just get started.

(I'm pleased that I've also managed an entire year of weekly blog posts, something I always wanted to do but never managed to complete more than a few weeks of before).

So, feeling good. Might have to take myself out for some celebratory sushi later.

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