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Updated: Nov 8, 2021

Summertime has well and truly arrived in southern Louisiana. At my art market on Saturday, I truly realized this. Somehow I'd forgotten just how brutal the sun can be. I'd forgotten just how draining the heat and humidity are.

At my New Orleans market the week before, we'd been under the trees and I'd thought to myself that it wasn't so bad. I could do these summer markets. I just need to be able to hide in the shade.

After Saturday, I'm realizing that I need to cut back for the duration of July and August. I'll probably limit my markets to my monthly Baton Rouge and New Orleans events.

That is the truth of the Sun. It beams down on us and reveals to us our limitations. We can't hide from the full brilliance of its truth. The Moon revealed subtle truths to us, but the sun puts everything on full blast. Whatever you've been hiding from, it's out there now. You cannot evade it.

I know I struggle to live my truth. I have layers upon layers, of things I hide from the world and things I hide from myself. I struggle with this. I don't want to live a lie, but sometimes I think the truth can hurt; myself and others.

The Sun reminds me that some truths simply cannot be hidden. You can slink into the shade, but eventually the sunlight will find you, and, ready or not, all be revealed.

The Fool needs to come to terms with this. He realizes that trying to survive in the half light is not truly living, not as who he really is. It's terrifying. The Sun is so hot; so overpowering, but sometimes we need to burn away the lies and stand as what we really are. We need to live our truth.

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