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Gazing into the Darkness

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

In the darkness of night, the moon guides us gently with a beautiful half light. Some truths can only be revealed under its soft gaze. Some truths can never be fully revealed at all. We can only sense them or understand them on an intuitive level. We cannot always verbalize all that we feel and all that we know. The truth exists, shimmering just beyond the reach of our conscious mind. We sense it best in our dreams, in our visions, under the guiding mystery of the benevolent moon.

The Fool is getting ever closer to the end of his journey. He's learned many lessons along the way; knowing more and more just how dangerous ignorance can be. He has gained a sense of balance between the spiritual and the material. He know that hard work and planning can get you most of the way to your goal. He realizes the beauty of his inner potential. Knowing and loving himself is one of the most lessons he will learn.

With the lessons of the Wheel of Fortune and the Tower, he knows now that preparation cannot prevent disaster. Wishing and dreaming and spiritual power cannot prevent bad things from happening. We cannot know and control everything.

In the case of the Tower, that can seem frightening. We can be terrified of placing a foot out of step; of making choices with unforeseen, dire consequences.

The Moon reminds us, gently, that we cannot know everything and that doesn't have to be terrifying. We cannot see the dark side of the moon, but that doesn't mean that it's inhabited by boogeyman and terrifying aliens. We cannot know all, but we revel in the beautiful possibilities, moving slowly and carefully through the darkness.

As we move beneath the soft moonlight, more and more truth is slowly revealed to our gaze. We don't have to be lost in darkness; we simply must be patient and trust that mystery can be beautiful.

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