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Back to Foundation; Build it Better and Stronger

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

The Tower is not a card that I like to see in my card layout. While I embrace personal evolution and growth, I don't enjoy the idea of sudden, unexpected catastrophic change.

Which is what makes it such an important lesson for the Fool. Sometimes no matter how carefully you plan, no matter how positive your thinking, no matter how convinced that you are that are in the flow of the Universe; sometimes bad things just happen.

Sometimes life takes what you have built and reduces it rubble, bringing it back to the foundations. You thought you were building something beautiful and strong, only for the cracks to suddenly appear and everything to fall to ruin around you.

I've lived this truth. I've had my path shift and shift again. I've had the world tumble in around my ears. I didn't like it. I didn't want it. I didn't enjoy it, but it happens to everyone, inevitably, unfortunately.

All we can do is take a little time and try to heal our wounds; maybe consider if there is something we can do differently to try to build a stronger, more resilient life, but sometimes there is absolutely nothing that you could have done.

Deep breaths. I believe in you and your phoenix ability to rise from this wreckage and fly again.

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